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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

House of Gilli Challenge 12: Any Thing Goes

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to another House of Gilli Challenge.  I hope you are all trying to enjoy your summer as much as possible. I made my own version of a book marker for a friends daughter who loves pink. It has magnets in each half so they stay in the book.  She is very ill in a children's hospital and will be there for a long time. She loves when people read to her ,so I thought this would come  in handy. Can you guess what her favorite color is?  All girl I tell you. She also loves to swim so I thought Gilli Bloomers would suit her. Make sure you check out the new Gilli that were released at CHA they are soooo super awesome. Sorry about the lighting in my picture, my son stole my light.

Enjoy and CRAFT ON!!


  1. What a perfect gift Dionne! So sorry that she is so ill, but this will certainly cheer her up! Love the magnet idea!

  2. Dear Dionne,
    I Just arrived at you blog. Oh my, do I love your art and creative mind! I'll be watching this blog closely, thank you for giving us so much of your time and mind. You make so wonderful and lovely works! I enjoyed the visit on your site. Many thanks for your beautiful inspirations!!
    Many warm Hugs from Marina from Germany
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