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Monday, September 6, 2010

My Ultimate Copic Storage

Hello Everyone,
      I wanted to share with you my Copic marker storage system .  Granted it's not rocket science, but how you store them can make your life easier or harder.  It seems like crafters are always looking for a new, better way to store all their prized possessions.  I have looked at several different ways to store my markers and I am convinced that this is the best way for me.  This ideal could also work for other markers like Promarkers or Prismas, depending on the height, and you may have to alter a bit. This method expands very well as your collection gets bigger.  Here is a pic of my markers and you'll see why I needed a good way to store them.  I also told myself, if you spread them out people will see it's really not that many markers.(Who was I trying to kid)

 So here it is.  I use a makeup storage Caboodle(normally found in makup section of stores like Walmart, Target, Cosco) medium sized and I add plastic canvas inserts.  You don't have to add the inserts but if you don't, your markers fall all over the place.(not a good ideal)  I can transport my markers without any problem and I can lock it up so no little fingers can get to them.  This unit can also store ink refills with your markers.  Take a look.  Email me at  for Insert info. 
The Caboodle you start with most be this size to work. Height- 6 3/4in, Width- 7 3/4in, Length- 7in
This is very important or you slots will not match When you fit the pieces together the 2 panels with 5 sq on the end should be on the same side, and the same with the 9 panels all the ends with 17sq. should be on the same side.

So everyone let me know what you think.  Enjoy, and Craft On.


  1. That is soooo much cooler than the coffee can I keep my markers in. LOL Very creative Dee!!

  2. how do you make the dividers, and with what type of plastic? thanking you in advance, b

  3. Your very welcome and I will attach the PDF on how to make them.

  4. I love your storage idea too! curious as well about the plastic inserts...thanks for sharing