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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter 2011 Slumber Party

Hello Everyone,
I try to have a get together for my daughter over every winter and summer break. This time it was a sewing slumber party. I found a project that I thought would be very useful for the girls and some what easy for beginners. I got the ideal from KwernerDesigns. She had done several of these and I thought these would work great for our conventions and sleep overs. The girls were all here by 12pm on a Fri. an we started prepping things about 2pm. I took them through the whole process, from cutting material down to the finished bag. Two of the girls have never sewn before and two had made dresses before. I was very proud of all the girls, it was a long day, but by 10pm that night everyone had a finished bag and could go off and just be silly for the rest of the time. They worked their little fingers off. Here are some collages of the pics.

Enjoy and CRAFT ON!!

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  1. That is an awesome idea Dionne! I just had one over their break too, but I was not brave enough for a sewing lesson. I am just learning myself! I will e-mail you the details on the other party. It was fun. Their favorite party of all time was a dress your banana as a bible character party.