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Monday, October 18, 2010

Color Snob

Hello Everyone,
 Ok, ladies this is my silly post for the month.  I would like to know by a show of comments, is it me or are you on this craftin band wagon too?  How many of you see a new product, be it tool, glue holder, what ever and want it and one of the first things that pops into your made is, if only it came in my favorite color? I feel that way all to often and it makes me sick when it does come out in my color 4 months latter, after I have bought it or I have to custom color it my self.(My ATG gun Post)  Ok, how many of you have bought it twice to get the color you want? I can say I have only done that once. The nice thing is the crafting world is hearing us loud and clear, no more gray and orange or just plain black.  Enjoy your evening and Craft On!


  1. LoL! I have bought things twice because I forgot I had it already and I have bought things I had to have and never opened. But I have not done the "favorite color" thing LOL

  2. Oh yes, I have bought things twice because I'd forgotten too, but not done the favourite colour thing yet. Give me time thought!