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Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Um or Leave Um: To Glue or not To Glue Act 2

Hello Everyone,
 First I want to thank you all for the glue suggestions, but I still have a few more liquid glues in my arsenal. So after using up must of my glue stash I went on the search for more glue.  This time I also wanted something that would work on small die cut pieces.

These next three are glues a lot of crafters love, I kind  of feel bad, but I found they were just not for me.  LEAVE UM!!  And heres why.
 Tombo's Mono multi- this glue has two really cool ways to apply the glue to a project, one small applicator and a bigger one on the opposite end that also allows you to spread the glue out without making a mess.(Me like) This glue worked really well, but for small applications if you did not put a very little it oozed out from under a die cut(dries shiny) and I found myself never reaching for it for bigger projects because I felt I would go through it too fast.
  Zip Dry- Everyone loves Zip Dry my sister-in-law and I were told when we bought this glue at our local shop while scrap booking.  We told them we wanted the glue to adhere paper to chip board to make a book and they said it works great.  Well we used the glue in the store and were not happy.  It was like a clear, smelly rubber cement, and it was drying before we got the whole area covered.  It was oozy and gooey, but it did come off our hands without a big ordeal. We weighted down the book covers and let them dry.  When we looked at them the paper looked fine at first but soon began to pucker in the middle.  No more Zip Dry for use.
  Quickie Glue pen- This pen worked but not for what I wanted it for.  If you want to write a word and quickly cover it with glitter, this is the pen for you.  I wanted to adhere die cuts and found that it dried before I was finished covering the die cut. It also did not last very long.

But there is good glue news brewing and here it is. My go to liquid glues LOVE UM, LOVE UM, LOVE UM!!!
So it took a while but I am pretty happy with these glues.  That's also why I am posting, so that many new crafters can have a place to start their search for glue. I'm talking about the glues from left to right in the picture.

  Zig two way glue- these are the blue tubes. I use these for all my small die cute pieces and I have never had a problem with oozing or pieces not staying stuck.(I use the big chisel only to re-sticky my mattes)
  Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive- Yeah, quick dry(no one likes to sit and wait for glue to dry) and it's true, you have a very little window to remove or reposition your object. The bottle also has a small tip applicator (never had a problem with clogging)so that glue only goes where you want it to go. This is the glue I use to make chip board albums and book covers.
  FABRI-TAC permanet adhesive(acid and lignin free)- This glue is like a combo of rubber cement(a little smelly)/hot glue(It does make strings) Very, very easy clean up, it rolls off your fingers.  Make sure you get the newer bottle which has a long pin point tip, the older bottle style has a wider opening about 1/4 and your glue would dry up in the bottle.( Glad they fixed it) This glue works really well for attaching ribbon, felt, flowers of any material, and it will not pop off going through the mail. I've also used it on paper. It does not seep through the ribbon, you need very little, and you have some move time.
  Glossy Accents- this is technically not a glue but a clear dimensional embellishment. I love the small fine tip applicator and I hate it. My tip seems to be always clogged so I keep a small needle near by. Glossy accents gives major pop to die cuts, stamped images, chip board,plus much more and it acts like a glue. I use it as a glue for bigger objects like metal frames, metal words, big buttons, and to glue paper to acrylic tags or pieces. The major down side is it takes a long time to dry (hours depending on the size), but the results are worth it, and that's why I won't leave um.
Well there you go, the end of my Liquid glue Saga.  I hope you enjoyed and CRAFT ON!

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