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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love Um or Leave Um: To Glue or not to Glue- Act 1

Hello Everyone,
  So how many different glues do you have in your crafting arsenal? Ok, I love to craft, but I don't like to spend money on a product that's not going to serve my purposes or meet my needs.  In an effort to help other crafters do the same I am doing a series of blogs on crafting supplies and tools called Love Um or Leave Um. In the end the final choice is up to you, I am only giving my humble opinion.

 So let's talk liquid, paste, spray types of glue.  I was looking for a glue to attach paper to chipboard to make mini albums, and maybe I could use it to add embellishments to my book.   I told myself that a spray sounded like a good ideal, it's not drippy or messy.  I went  with Elmer's Craft Bond.  This was a hot mess. The first problem was the fumes.  I had to spray my project in the garage.(middle of winter, not heated didn't help) Second, after I spayed a few sheets the box and nozzle were so sticky and gooey that  my paper started to stick to the box.  This glue does not come off with just soap and water.  I had to use goo gone on my hands.  Third, which is the number one reason I went to a new product was after a while(maybe a month) my papers began to separate from the chip board. LEAVE UM!

So next, I checked on line for what people used for book making and one product which is easy to find was glue sticks.  So I tried UHU glue stick and twist and glue.  I found my self going through this product super fast in order to get good adhesion.  One glue stick covered  maybe two wordbooks, and the same with the twist and glue. LEAVE UM!

On to a new product. Yes Paste.  This product was also one that many recommended online.  In the description it's called a favorite among hobby enthusiasts, artists and crafters everywhere, an all purpose glue for all your crafting needs.  I truly believe the only real reason I tried this product was the amount you got(19oz) and the price $16.75 plus 40% off.  Boy was I sorry. When I opened the jar all I kept thinking was how in the world am I going to spread this without making a huge mess.  I first tried a small putty knife(type of spatula) but in the end I turned into a kindergartner and used my hands.  The problem was getting an even coat on my paper.  This product does work but it was way to much hassle and mess for me.  LEAVE UM!!!

So, after this last  failed glue attempt I stopped searching for a while, plus I had to use up all that I had.  As for the Yes it was so messy I just chucked it. It was not worth the headache and sticky fingers and I would feel guilty giving away a product I didn't like, especially since my little girl wouldn't even touch it.
Until my next post, Craft On!


  1. I would kill for a decent, no nonsense glue that actually stays stuck! If you ever find the answer let me know please.

    Lin xx

  2. I use Pritt for things that I want to stick really well. It's the one that comes in the little upside down grey and red bottle. You squeeze out the clear liquid and so far it's stuck everything (I think it would probably stick an elephant!!!). A friend of mine uses Uhu (I think it's Uhu) but it's in a tube and it's clear and she says it's good. She also uses a white glue in a big bottle and spreads it with a cocktail stick (for embellies) and has never had a problem, but as I don't know what it's called that probably isn't much help, lol. xx

  3. My takes the cake favorite is Scotch Scrapbooker's Glue with two way applicator. (That's EXACTLY what the label calls it). It has a pen tip for securing embellishments, and a sponge tip for applying paper to mini albums. It works very well, though I do find that going over the page with a breyer gives me an even better result. Bonus: I think I bought this last bottle in CVS for like $6. You can get it anywhere.

    Alsooo.. I do like Scotch's Quick Dry Adhesive.

    GREAT IDEA for a series Dee!!

  4. Dee I am a new follower and really enjoyed your review! I look forward to other posts! TFS